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Our Team

Hungry Hawk Vineyards and Winery is supported by a dedicated team that is eager to make your experience with us enjoyable and memorable. 

The Owners - Ed and Jeannine - run the show, along with their son Mike, who is the Winemaker.  

​A truly integral part of our success and a key in supporting us in achieving our goals of growing grapes oexceptional quality, is Adrian Morales, our Vineyard Manager and Assistant Winemaker.

A consumate team player, Jackson Dwelley supports us in the vineyard, winery AND tasting room.  Jackson is the team player who excells in every facet of support.

Engaging with and informing our ever growing family of Hungry Hawk Wine Enthusiasts is Kelvin Chan, with Marketing and Tasting Room.  If you enjoy our posts and emails, Kelvin gets the credit!

Ed EmblyOwner /  Financial Manager


Jeannine EmblyOwner / General Manager 


Mike EmblyGrower / Winemaker


Adrian Morales
Vineyard Manager / Assistant Winemaker