Hungry Hawk Vineyards and Winery is teaming up with Beehive Cheese Co. to present an exclusive cheese and wine pairing experience complete with six handcrafted wines and seven artisan cheeses presented by our winemaker, Mike Embly, and Beehive Cheese Co.’s Candace Allen.    

     Devoted to the old-fashioned artistry, the family behind Beehive Cheese handcrafts their award-winning product from creamy Utah milk into delectable, melt-in-your-mouth cheeses. We have expertly crafted a unique pairing for SIX of our Hungry Hawk wines, including our highly anticipated Blueberry wine, Super Tuscan 2016 Vintage, and Alcyone Harmony dessert wine, available for the first time in this private release.  
     Don’t miss the chance to sit down with our wine and cheese experts in our VIP tasting and pairing event and let your taste buds discover all the dynamic interactions at play in each of our distinct pairing selections. 

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